Covering various perspectives on various issues. Voices matter………diversity is beautiful……….let the conversation begin.

*TSOI may or may not agree with Guest Posts featured in this blog. We do however allow our Guest Bloggers the freedom to express their various experiences, opinions, and perspectives with the intention to open dialogue or simply provide another viewpoint.

If you are to comment, all we ask is that you keep in mind our intent is for respectful and honest debate. Comments should be about the post or other comments, not about commentators. If we feel that comments are inappropriate, we reserve the right to delete them.

Any posts in the comment section that is promoting any business, organization, etc. whether related to a topic or not, will not be allowed. If you are interested in possibly writing a guest post, you may contact us for consideration at  this address here.

  • All our work is our property and may not be copied, edited, or used in any way. If you would like to share our posts, you may use the forwarding tools made available or copy the link of the individual post or blog and share that with others. This includes our guest Posts. All content must remain intact unless given permission to do otherwise. Proper credit must be given. If our policy is violated, we will report you and pursue action to address the violation.
  • We have been given permission to share others work before we post it or we give the proper credit due.
  • My blog will not promote your business or other agendas.

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It is the responsibility of each individual to decide for themselves what resonates with them. It is the responsibility of each individual to seek support or counseling with professionals if they feel it is needed. This is simply a platform for various stories, information, and perspectives.

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