In this blog I will  write about issues and topics of Health, Self-Care, Mindfulness and Meditation, Spirituality, Lessons Learned, Personal Life Reflections, Relationships, Programs, Policies, and Recovery, Healing, Food, Art, Advocacy Issues, and about other things that I stumble upon or want to question and understand.

Sold my home, my third one. Downsized, simplified, and now doing the downtown living in less than half the square footage.

One category on this blog is all about my new life simplified. I will share various things with you from the experiences of downtown living and all that it offers, simplifying & organizing, house design, products I love, people I meet, great simple recipes, and all that I experience and learn from my new simplified life!

*This is a new blog that has been merged from three other blogs. Some former posts will be placed back on here with new posts. The last few years I have been treated and healing from health issues. I am now on the road to recovery and will be talking about some of my journey and what I’ve learned with healing and wellness.

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